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Welcome to Cambridge kidz ...

As a pre school we focus on the early year program at cambridgekidz to develop higher mental function Which are the key to your child’s learning .These higher mental functions are focused attention,deliberate memory and symbolic thoughts, directly influence childrens learning abilities-the speed and flexibility with which they acquire and apply new knowledge and skills.

We care not just for the physical well being of your child but also for their all round development which is why we engage them in activities such as art & craft,developmental games music and outdoor play.

The breadth and diversity of our program children challenging yet attainable experiences that are key To their all round development communication,self regulative and cognitive to help your child becoming independent and self directed learner.

We consider it a privilege to be Your Partner in bringing uo your child.

  • Splash pool
  • Water and sand play
  • Developmental games
  • Puppet making
  • No fire cooking
  • Aerobics
  • Fun Friday
  • Finger gym

  • Cofortable AC transport facilty
  • AC classes with student teacher ratio 1:18
  • Child friendly colorful environment
  • Nice creative open areas with swings
  • Multimedia audio video room with
  • Computer Stations
  • Child friendly sensitive staff
  • Special excursion and events for child
  • Confidence and self reliance
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